Abigail Araujo

NDip (Somatology)

Environ Approved Stockist

CND Shellac Service Provider

Sterex Electrologist


Abigail, hails from South Africa where she spent most of her life growing up. She did all her schooling and also qualified in Beauty Therapy (or Somatology as her course was called) back in 1997, in South Africa. At times it seems a lifetime ago, and yet at times feels just like the other day. She moved to the UK in May 2001 with her husband and they lived in Henley on Thames for a while and in the latter part of 2006 moved to the lovely town of Wallingford which they love. They now have two children that are the sunshine in their lives. Their families are mostly abroad and they miss them terribly. But it allows them the excuse to go visit them every now and then. Abigail loves reading and travelling - there is so much of the world yet to see she often says...


Abigail loves beauty therapy because she has always wanted to help make a difference in society albeit in a small way but she feels that if she is able to make one of her client's smile, then she has done her job well. She loves her work and it is a passion of hers, working with and helping people. She loves being around people and being one to one is wonderful. It is a place where you can really get to know your clients and many clients become good friends. They share good laughs, sad times, hard times and wonderful memories together and that is the joy of doing what she does, as it is never the same. Even when she has the same client coming in at various times each visit is different from the last and she is thoroughly enthused and inspired by many of her ladies. She feels she gains so much from her clients/friends.


She takes her work seriously but not herself too much. She knows how to have a good laugh and knows that we learn from one another on a daily basis and that one never stops learning.

Abigail's Beauty Owner

Beauty isn't always in the eyes of the beholder but in the heart of the one being looked at....

                                                                                                                                           Abigail Araujo